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Save time and money with Fused Silica products for semiconductor application made for you according to your wishes.
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Near Net Shaped Flanges

With the IQS moulding process it is possible to produce near net shaped flanges made of Diffusil®-S up to an outside diameter of 380 mm. The quasi-finished geometry can then be brought to the final dimension with little effort in a finishing step. This allows considerable savings in machining times and ultimately cost savings.

Flanges made of Diffusil®-S can be processed by standard hot processing techniques without losing their opacity. Welding these flanges together with Verusil or clear quartz glass of other manufacturers is possible without any problems.

IQS 0004 IQS 20200616 05.tif
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Fused Silica Rings for Liners

We manufacture opaque fused silica rings from Diffusil®-S as semi-finished products for liners in dimensions of up to 400 mm outside diameter and a wall thickness of up to 50 mm. The rings are usually manufactured with a material oversize of 5 mm on the outer and inner diameter and the rings height.

This small oversize contributes to a considerable material saving of the semi-finished products and reduces the time required for the subsequent mechanical processing to the final quartz glass liner.

IQS 0002 IQS 20200616 03.tif