Diffusil® on mars

As part of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission, our opaque fused silica glass Diffusil®-UV on the spectrometer module “SHERLOC” of the Mars rover “Perseverance” will support the exciting search for past life on Mars.





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Unique Material

IQS’ unique manufacturing process creates fused silica grades with excellent optical and chemical properties.

These properties can also be individually adapted to customer requirements if necessary.

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Unique Products

By combining the material properties of our fused silica grades with an innovative molding process, new products are created for optics, analytics, high-temperature applications and semiconductor industry.

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The innovative molding process, similar to an injection moulding process, offers undreamt-of geometric possibilities for the implementation of your ideas with our fused silica.

This enables product solutions that would be unthinkable or uneconomical with conventional manufacturing methods.

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